SAO+RavennaAvailable now for the 2019-20 season! This integration will:

Save your office hours of valuable time by eliminating manual record creation and manual import of SAO applications.  

Streamline your file reading and review process by allowing you to read all your applications within Ravenna’s full-featured admission solution. 

> Incorporate SAO applicant data into Ravenna’s sophisticated reporting and data tools. 

See how it works with our 5 minute explainer video!

Ravenna is excited to announce that we have released a brand new integration with the Standard Application Online (SAO) for the 2019-20 admission season! 

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Ravenna admission and enrollment systems offer a modern, highly configurable online enrollment system for PS-12 private schools nationwide. Our proven, collaborative approach solves complexities and challenges facing admission offices of any size, creating unmatched efficiencies for schools and enabling more meaningful connections with families.




To prepare the leaders of tomorrow, you need leading technology today. 

Community Brands can free you to focus on fulfilling the promise of your students. The K-12 Select Suite offers you the most powerful and flexible software solutions uniquely designed to help you find the right students, ease families through the admission and enrollment process, coordinate financial aid, manage tuition and process payments.

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