Make the Move to BigSIS

The cloud-based, all-in-one school information system


Have your cake and eat it too with BigSIS, the everything-in-one school management solution As a Senior Systems power user, you know the benefits of an integrated school management and student information system are sweet. But an all-in-one solution that is modern, intuitive and keeps up with the digital demands of this generation of families and staff? That’s the icing on the cake! That’s where BigSIS comes in. The cloud-based solution unifies admission, enrollment, tuition, fundraising, and academic functions so keeping up with the pace of change is a piece of cake. 

We invite you to learn about BigSIS and how it can be the go-forward replacement for your Senior Systems platform. The timing is right to consider a change with the opportunity to open upcoming enrollment for 23/24 without disrupting school operations for this year!

Learn more about how BigSIS can help your school today! 


A Little More About BigSIS

Singular Data Model Parent and student interactions are captured in on system across admission, enrollment, tuition, incidental payments, fundraising and academics

Flexible Tuition Management Tuition payment plans and collections methodologies can be configured and tailored according to the family experience your school defines

Modern Parent Portal An intuitive interface makes it simple for families to see all information about their child, complete re-enrollment and share required documents 

Built for Non-Technical Staff No need for a large IT staff or reliance on 3rdparties to make adjustments within the platform. BigSIS was built with self-service and flexibility in mind 

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